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Hey, I am Yahya Anderson

The BioBeast, Your science-based transformational fitness coach

Welcome to my website and Thank you for reading! I’m truly psyched that you’re here!

When striving to be the ultimate version of yourself, it takes more than sheer determination and sweat.

As a Bio-Scientist, my search to unleash my maximum potential, to achieve the ultimate gains and become the best I could be has led me on a path of self-exploration. This path led me to combine my expertise in biomedicine, my understanding of genetics, my training experience and coaching to transform myself into the person I am today. That is what The BioBeast method offers, not a cookie-cutter programme, but a programme unique to you, built around my habit coaching, which is the secret to achieving and sustaining gains and unleashing Your Awesome, Your Infinite Potential.

A former Young Sports Leader and lifelong fitness fanatic, my unique approach to health and fitness finally led me to my first bodybuilding competition back in 2019, but I couldn’t have gotten even close to that achievement without taking an innovative approach based on Movement patterns with a focus on hypertrophy, strength, and energy systems training.

This is the approach of the BioBeast Method. My science-backed fitness and nutrition programme. I want to show you how my BioBeast Method with its blend of gene-level personalisation, optimised nutrition, and the exercise maintenance-based rewards system can not only keep you motivated, but also revolutionise the way you train, think, and feel – with actual results.

What is this site?

The terrible Fitness information out there on the web, is basically a pet peeve of mine.

And when it is science based, and decent, it tends to be the kind to give you visions of eye-gouging and brain aches and monotonous steel grey mornings…(The worst!)

On my site, you will find quality, science-based content written in my (hopefully) motivating and entertaining style, with the focus of helping you Unleash Your Awesome and achieve your fitness goals, or as I call it living your best life with infinite potential.

My site is not for die-hard athletes hoping to take hold CrossFit goals….This website is about living your best life, in the best shape – Unleashing Your Awesome, while still cheating on your diet with Ben (and Jerry! Don’t forget Jerry!).

Instead, this is about You, the person who has been training but not seeing results, trying to eat right but struggling, and all you really want is to reach your maximum potential, the best shape, and fitness for yourself, your own body. The BioBeast method is all about manipulating the Nature x Nurture equation, about individualised training, personalised nutrition, and habit coaching. If you are asking yourself “Can I really finally pack on muscle?” or “Is He saying I can unleash those gainz with a z?”

My answer would be “Yes, it is possible”, and “YES, YES, I am, in all CAPS and twice to boot, Let’s Unleash Your Awesome Together!”.

So if you are ready, feel free to browse the fitness articles to rule them all, or if you are feeling motivated, give my completely free 10-day BioBeast Work-Up a go!

The Articles to rule them all:

The BioBeast Nature x Nurture Equation

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What do You Bring to it?

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GWAS Studies

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BioBeast WorkUp Benefits

I am the BioBeast Protege!!

Sorry! I am supposed to say Mascot, whatever that means…anyway!I just wanted to introduce myself, I am a Barbary Lion, the last of my kind, I have been living the Western Desert of Egypt, I have been trying to discover my best self, to Unleash My Awesome as Yahya calls it. Yahya’s personal vision of achieving personal mastery resonates quite strongly with me, especially since, well, I am the King of the Lions…Don’t believe me? check out my article then!

Ever since we met, The BioBeast Method has helped me to maximise my gains, I could not have done it alone! So, I decided to stick around Yahya and learn everything from him, I know there is more Beast inside me! (The real Lion King! Nah, Simba is my Hero!)

I’d love you to join me, so it becomes our incredible journey of Unleashing Our Awesome!

So until next time, as the BioBeast says “Stay Awesome!”

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Alright. Did one of those articles to rule them all pique your interest there?


Now, go join my free 10 Day Work-Up (you won’t regret it).

Or you can read my story here.

Thanks for hanging out, I am pumped & really honoured that you’re here!

BioBeast WorkUp Benefits

Unleash Your Awesome using Science

You’ll unlock the secrets of your body and learn effective ways to unleash Your Awesome!

Optimise your diet and training for your fitness goals

You will get an individualised, personalised approach to achieve your fitness goals

Reward you

The BioBeast Algorithm uses your fitness goals, current stats and exercise adherence to give you a weekly score to beat, every calorie, every rep, every minute of cardio and every task counts!

Support you every step of the way

You’re not alone, not only will I be with you every step of the way, but you will also be part of a community of like-minded individuals – The BioBeast Squad

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BioBeast Work-Up! Features


The 10 Day BioBeast Work-Up! – Each coaching session is designed to fit easily into your busy life and will take you one step closer to Unleashing Your Gains!


The BioBeast Method members area – As a member, you’ll receive 12 weeks access to our private members’ area. Your program plus all coaching, training and progress tracking will live here.


The BioBeast mobile app – Have access to me 24/7 with all your training, coaching and more in your pocket.


Access to the private Facebook group – The BioBeast Squad. Make sure to join the community plus I host live Q&A’s and give out bonus content.


Habit coaching on improving your habits in 2021!

And you can start today for free!

Just think about how much it is costing you every day that you don’t Unleash Your Awesome and fulfil your health and fitness goals! And you can start right now!

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The BioBeast “Work Up!” is a 10 day programme based on The BioBeast Method, my science-based transformation programme, Where I help you unlock the secrets of your body, discover your DNA, what role it plays in achieving your fitness goals and teach you the simple habits that you need to Unleash Your Awesome! Try out the BioBeast Method for free today!