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Meet the BioBeast, Yahya Anderson, your science-based transformation coach

When striving to be the ultimate version of yourself, it takes more than sheer determination and sweat.

As a bio-scientist, my search to unleash my awesome – my maximum potential, to achieve the ultimate gains and become the best I could be has led me on a path of self-exploration. This path led me to combine my expertise in biomedicine, my understanding of genetics and my individualised coaching style to transform myself into the person I am today. That is what The BioBeast method has to offer, not cookie-cutter programmes, but a programme unique to you, built around my habit coaching, which is the secret to achieving, and sustaining gains and Unleashing Your Awesome.

A former Young Sports Leader and lifelong fitness fanatic, my unique approach to health and fitness finally led me to my first bodybuilding competition back in 2019, but I couldn’t have gotten even close to that achievement without taking an innovative approach based on Movement patterns with a focus on hypertrophy, strength and energy systems training.

It is this approach that I offer to you today, through the BioBeast Method, my science-backed fitness programme. I want to show you how with its blend of gene-level individualisation, scientifically-based nutrition and customised workout programmes can revolutionise the way you train, think, and feel – with actual results.

The start of My Story

It was in 2015 at the tender age of 27 years old, I found myself depressed and in between jobs, and my goals just felt link unattainable pipe dreams. During this time, the unthinkable happened. My mother who was been bravely battling cancer for the third time passed away in January 2016.

Suddenly that was it, I felt all this responsibility on my shoulders, and I had to deal with it. My mother’s death was very surreal, it was as if this magical person was reduced to a collection of stuff – from her cherished treasures to scribbles on a piece of paper.

At the time I believed that living was an endless cycle of mishaps that end in death, what we achieved is forgotten – glittering careers, cherished possessions…all gone.

My Turning-Point

Exercise has always been my solace, I trained religiously. It was such a comforting thing that I could do in my life that brought balance – a simple equation that I could control. A realisation that floored me…

I remember during a workout I was discussing Ashwagandha (Who?), with my mentor and closest friend, and he turned around and said to me “Why don’t you coach? All you need is a diploma, and that’s a walk in the park after your masters?”

I could not believe it, the sudden realisation was right under my nose as to my destiny in life, which was in the two things that I loved the most, I was taken aback, but he did not give up, he had more to say to convince me of what I should be doing with my life…

He said:
“The first time we met 10 years ago, you described yourself as a gym addict, your goal was and still is to achieve your maximum fitness potential. Plus, you know the science already it’s your day job. You love this field so much, and you will only achieve your maximum potential if you share what you know and coach and you love supplement research, you and your ashwag-whatever”

It dawned on me that since I love my body and my goal is self-mastery; it makes no sense to do something else, and so here we are embarking on a journey to unleash our inner awesome, and I am pumped and honoured that you chose me to join you on your own journey.

Where technology, sweat and science meet

No one element alone can deliver the ultimate results. Fact.
A personalised training programme delivers the best results. Fact.
What about a training programme personalised to you using your own DNA? By combining DNA testing with The BioBeast Method’s individualised training design and optimised nutrition planning, you can unleash your awesome and reach your maximum potential with a comprehensive fitness system.

Using technology to give us in-depth tracking (including MyFitnessPal, and MyZone), and habit coaching I’ll be with you every step of the way offering coaching, insights for improvement, encouragement and the benefit of my own transformation experience.

Expect your goals to become one with my own – as both a Science-based Fitness Coach and Bioscientist. You’ll enjoy an exciting new blend of science-led gains that you won’t get with a standard personal trainer.

What is measured, improves. This is why I offer more than just individualised training and personalised nutrition, by adding MyFitnessPal and MyZone integrations, you will be able to track your weight, heart rate and actually see yourself improve.

Seeing results is the most powerful motivation, but a community of likeminded people on the same journey is twice the motivation, so along with all this, you get full membership to my The BioBeast Squad private Facebook group. Here, you’ll access support and encouragement from others following the same path to unleash their awesome – achieving the ultimate gains, the pinnacle of fitness and self-fulfilment!

The BioBeast Method combines of all of these weapons to maximise your efforts and deliver the outcomes you want to see through a points-based reward and habit coaching system focused on Exercise Maintenance! My goal is simply to help you in Unleash Your Awesome Self.

So, what are you waiting for? Join me today, and together with a little determination and help from science, let’s achieve things you never thought possible!